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Excellence in Research - Science and Engineering

This award recognises the creation and application of research outcomes, the discovery of new knowledge or the use of existing knowledge in a new and creative way to generate new concepts, methodologies and understanding. The research should take the form of a significant and novel research advantage which has the potential to deliver major benefits to Australian and international communities in the fields of education, the environment, health, industry, technology or commercial enterprise.

This award will be presented for outstanding research in science and engineering including:

  • mathematical sciences
  • physical sciences
  • chemical sciences
  • earth sciences
  • environmental sciences
  • biological sciences
  • information and communication sciences
  • engineering
  • medical sciences
  • chiropractic


All members of staff (including adjunct and emeritus staff provided work has been conducted primarily at Macquarie University) can enter this category.

The research activity must have been developed at Macquarie University in the past three years. Research conducted before 1 May 2011 will not be considered.

Judging Criteria

A panel of judges will choose a winner based on:

  • Research innovation
    • Evidence that the innovative research is based on the innovation of an idea or concept or a novel application of an existing idea or concept.
  • Policy and practice implementation and impact
    • The research must have a major impact and/or benefit to policy, practice and on the community. This must be explained and supported with evidence.
  • Alignment with National priorities and/or Macquarie University strategic priorities
    • The applicant must demonstrate that the research is aligned with the strategic goals of the University. Applicants are encouraged to review the Framing of Futures Strategic Priorities as well as the National Strategic Research Priorities when discussing links to the University's strategic goals.

More information on the judges can be found on the judging panel page.

Application process

  • This category is competitive in nature and applicants are requested to submit short proposals to the judging panel using the online application form.
  • Please read the competition rules carefully prior to submitting an application.
  • Closing date for entries: 1st May 2014

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Entries close 1st May 2014