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Community, industry and research leaders to share vision for future impact

15 April 2014

On 29 April, leaders from community organisations working in the areas of autism, learning difficulties, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s, speech pathology and [...]

30 years post-whaling, no evidence for sperm whale recovery off Western Australia

11 April 2014

Despite positive news for whaling futures from the recent International Court of Justice decision, new research shows the real impact [...]

Fearless fish give new insight into the brain’s effect on personality

11 April 2014

Rainbowfish raised in the wild braver than those bred in captivity, study shows The boldest black-lined rainbowfish are those that [...]

$2.3 million for tomorrow’s teachers to open real science

9 April 2014

A major national project was launched this week to meet the challenge of bringing authentic mathematics and science into the [...]

Ultrabright lasers help switch single photons

31 March 2014

In the search for a single photon source, researchers in Australia and France have achieved a major step towards a [...]

Should I raise my kids bilingually?

31 March 2014

This is an extract of an article originally published in The Conversation, by Macquarie University’s Professor Katherine Demuth and Dr Nan Xu. [...]

New research outlines impact of major 2009 Queensland mine spill

25 March 2014

In a new article published in Anthropocene, environmental scientists have detailed the impacts from the 2009 Lady Annie Copper Mine [...]

The cost of living in the Anthropocene

24 March 2014

A biologist and an anthropologist have joined forces in a new journal article considering the true cost of living in [...]

Assassin bug uses a ‘slight of leg’ to deceive and subdue physically superior prey

21 March 2014

Macquarie University scientists have unveiled a deceptive luring tactic used by the nymphs of the Feather-legged Assassin bug, requires the [...]

Global warming may increase methane emissions from freshwater ecosystems

20 March 2014

New research suggests that rising global temperatures will increase the quantity of the key greenhouse gas methane emitted from freshwater [...]

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