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Dr Gabriele Marranci (Director)

PhD (Queen's University of Belfast,UK)

Formerly Associate Professor at NUS,  Department of Sociology, and holding  an honorary senior affiliation at Cardiff University, Centre for the Study of Islam in the UK,  Gabriele Marranci is  a social anthropologist by training. He is the Founding Editor of the International refereed journal Contemporary Islam: Dynamics of Muslim Lives and the Book Series Muslims in Global Societies as well as Editor in Chief of the Handbook of Contemporary Islam ( all published by Springer) and the author of several monographs, book chapters and articles focusing on different aspects of contemporary Muslim life. 

Research interests: Anthropology of Islam and Muslim communities, Religion. Fundamentalism, Identity, Emotions, Self, Youth, Criminology, Cognitive Science  

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Dr Ian Bedford

PhD (ANU) 

Dr Ian Bedford is an honorary Senior Senior Research Fellow within the Department of Anthropology.  He  took a PhD at the ANU (1968) in International Relations, studying a rural insurrection in Hydrabad state in India. He was an MA student at the University of the Panjab (Lahore, Pakistan) in 1961-2 ('old campus') and has spent many years in India and Pakistan. He has published three novels and translations of verse from Urdu into English'.

Research interests: South Asia, Uzbekistan, religion and the politics of nationalism (nation-wide and regional) in Pakistan and south Central Asia; South Indian music; Vernacular language, literature and society - Urdu; and 'Indian' Islam in India and Pakistan.

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Dr Chris Houston 


 Dr Christopher Houston is currently a Senior Lecture and  the Head of the Department of Anthropology. He joined Macquarie University in 2005, after teaching anthropology for three years at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand. He is an expert in Turkish society where he has conducted extended fieldwork focusing, among other topics, on  Islamic social movement,  republicanism, nationalism , secularism and literature, as well as building environment and  political practices. He has published extensively on these topics, see for instance Kurdistan: The Crafting of National Selves

Research interests:  Turkish politics, Turkish Republicanism, secularism, Kurdish communities, and the built environment in Turkey

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Dr Jaap  Timmer 


Jaap is  Senior Lecturer and Director of the Applied Anthropology Program in the Department of Anthropology at Macquarie University 
since January 2010. Before moving to Sydney he was based in Jakarta where he worked as a Senior Research Fellow and Project Manager for Leiden University Access to Justice Project. Jaap has a broad regional interest in the Southwest Pacific and Southeast Asia, with particular emphasis on Melanesia (Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands) and Indonesia (Kalimantan, Papua and Maluku).  Jaap is also interested in designing, undertaking, and managing research, and organising and managing projects that take a lively interest in the history, use and meaning of indigenous knowledge.

Research interests: His anthropological research focuses on the cultural politics of knowledge with particular emphasis on religion, ethnicity, migration, tenure arrangements, access to justice, governance, and non-state regulations..

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Dr Lisa Wynn 

PhD ( Princeton University,) 

Dr Lisa Wynn' is a Senior Lecture in Anthropology and she has extensive experience in research in the Middle East and Arab word. He current research examines Egyptian interpretations of reproductive health technologies through three prisms: medical education,religious jurisprudence, and popular culture. Emerging reproductive health technologies are key sites where societies debate sexual morals, gender roles, the relationship between religious and medical authorities, and the role of biomedicine (both surgical procedures and pharmaceutical products) in reshaping the body and its desires. She has widely publish on this topic (for instance see  Pyramids and Nightclubs: A Travel Ethnography of Arab and Western Imaginations of Egypt, from King Tut and a Colony of Atlantis to Rumors of Sex Orgies, a Marauding Prince, and Blonde Belly Dancers. Austin: University of Texas Press). Her  current research is funded by an Australian Research Council Discovery Project grant from 2012 -2014

Research interests: Islam, Religion, Middle East, Arab Societies, Sex and Gender, Medical Anthropology, Reproductive Technologies, Ethics, and Methodology. 

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Dr Sophie Gilliat-Ray small photo
Dr Sophie Gilliat-Ray 

PhD (University of Wales, Lampeter) 

Dr Sophie Gilliat-Ray is a Reader (Associate Professor) in Religious and Theological Studies and Founding Director for the Centre for the Study of Islam in the UK (Islam-UK), She is the author of numerous books and journal articles concerned with religion in British public life, and the training and education of religious professionals. She has led the AHRC/ESRC Religion and Society funded project Leadership and Capacity Building in the British Muslim Community

Research interests: The UK, Religion, Muslims, Migration, Capacity, Muslim families, gender, Islamic Law, Muslims and Conservation, 

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