11. World War One


At the beginning of World War One, the standard for ages were changed for acceptance into the AIF. In august 1914 the age standards were 18-35 years this changed to 18-45 in June 1915 to allow older men to enlist. During the first year of war approximately 33% of men were rejected due to their age, height and chest circumference. When new standards were introduced those previously ineligible for enlistment were now accepted. This graph shows the ages of the men from Darwin who enlisted during World War one. From this graph we can determine that men aged 21 years were more inclined to enlist. We can also see that the ages 40+ had a couple of men which is due to the relaxed standards of the enlistment criteria.  Males under the age of 21 had too seek parents permission to enlist into the AIF this accounts for the lack of 18 and 19 year olds joining in Darwin where many families were farmers.

Boys aged 14-17 could enlist as buglers, trumpeters and musicians, however many of these boys lied about their age and therefore statistics may not be accurate.