10. Darwin War Memorial Cenotaph


The Darwin war memorial Cenotaph was built in 1921 during the First World War to commemorate the men who were serving. Originally placed in outside of the Government house and then relocated in 1970 to the Civic centre and finally in 1992 the Cenotaph settled in the Bicentennial park on the Darwin Esplanade. The memorial contains a number of plaques dedicated to World War I, World War II, Vietnam, Borneo, Korea and Malaya. Behind the memorial there are three flag poles, which when needed hold the New Zealand Flag, The Aboriginal flag and the Australian National flag.

This monument is centrally located in Darwin and overlooks the Darwin harbour. This is significant for two reasons, the cliffs that the monument is placed on would have been the last landmark to be seen by the men going of to war in WWI and secondly it overlooks the harbour where the Japanese bombings took place and many Australian lives were lost. Today this memorial doubles as a cenotaph; ANZAC day dawn services are taken place here as well as remembrance day and operation welcome home marches.