09. WWI - Time Served


WWI remains Australia's most costly war in terms of deaths and causalities. This data shows that majority of the men served for 3.1 - 3.6 years. There were also many men who served over 4 years, with one man even serving for more than 5 years during WWI. It is interesting to note that only two men served less than a year. As the data shows, majority of the men remembered in Alice Springs returned to Australia. This is mainly due to the very small population in Alice Springs prior to the war and because most of the men remembered are those that settled in Alice Springs following the war.


Lieutenant Colonel Noel Loutit was one of the few men who reached the second ridge in the Gallipoli campaign. He returned to Australia and relocated to Alice Springs serving as a Commander during WWII for the No. 11 Central Australia Lines of Communication of C Sub area.

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