07. Alice Springs - ANZAC Hill Memorial

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ANZAC Hill Memorial is situated in the centre of Alice Springs and overlooks the whole town. Behind the monument is the view of the iconic MacDonnell Ranges and 'The Gap.' The Alice Springs RSL Club and War Museum are located at the bottom of ANZAC Hill.

Rev. Harry  Griffiths designed and dedicated the ANZAC Hill monument in 1934, which is a monument to bushmen, stockmen, prospectors and others who enlisted from the inland. The memorial cost 90 pounds, however the road up the hill to the memorial would have been more costly than the construction of the monument itself and was built through voluntary construction.

'The road up to the monument was built by working bees. It is said that old soldiers never die - but a few of us nearly passed out on Alice's 'Burma Road.' Certainly, long before we had reached the top, many had faded away.'

Griffiths, H., 1975, An Australian Adventure, (Australia; Rigby Limited) p. 152-153

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This monument is a central aspect to the formal ANZAC commemorations with the ANZAC Day Dawn Service and Remembrance Day Service occurring here and the ANZAC Day March concluding at the top of the hill.