05. Statistic for Mortlake and District WWI Soldiers

ANZAC unit Group 1

In Mortlake  most recruits had enlisted by June 1916, with most of the deaths occurring in the last three years of WWI, the sad reality is that the average time served for those who lost heir lives was only just over 15 months. Whereas the average time served for those soldiers who returned was  slightly more than double that at 34 months.  With more than half not returning home until 1919.

Nationally 1915 saw the highest number of recruitments, while rurally 1916 was the peak year for recruitment. Yet even though Mortlake was a predominantly rural community their peak enlistments were 1915, in line with National rather than Rural averages. 1915 saw 88 recruits as opposed to 55 in 1916.      https://www.awm.gov.au/journal/j33/mcquilton/

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The Memorial was most recently used in the 100th ANZAC Anniversary commemorations.