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Offer letters
This definition applies to international students.A full offer provides international students with a full offer of admission, and allows entry for the stated intake of the degree for which student is eligible. No further conditions need to be satisfied. A conditional offer outlines the conditions that must be satisfied...
Identifies in which part of the academic year a unit is offered eg S1 Day indicates a unit is offered with day time classes in Session 1, S2 Evening indicates a unit is offered with evening classes in Session 2.
Also known as: when offered
On-campus session
An on-campus session is a lecture, tutorial or block practical session held on the University campus for students who are studying in distance education (external) mode.
Also known as: Residential school
Campus-wide identification number for access to most University IT systems.
Campus network including wired (OneNet Wired), wireless (OneNet Wireless) and VPN service (OneNet Anywhere).
Outside Studies Program
Abbreviation only
Overseas Student Health Cover
You will need overseas student health cover if you will be in Australia on a student class visa. All international students who want to study at Macquarie University and are on a student class visa are required to pay health cover for the entire length of their program.

Results 1 - 7 of 7