Introductory Academic Program

IAP is a 5-week program which will give students with full offers into Macquarie University programs a head start with their university studies. It introduces students to the cultural and academic environment they will experience at Macquarie University and helps them further develop many of the academic skills required for success in their future studies.


bulltet 3 Learn about the Australian academic context and its general expectations
bulltet 3 Enhance and further develop your academic reading, writing, listening and speaking skills through analysis and writing of various text types
bulltet 3 Blended learning environment
bulltet 3

Access to a 24-hour online learning portal


You will learn to:

  • Write academic research essays
  • Use examination techniques
Research & Reading
  • Develop and implement a range of reading strategies and critically analyse academic journals and other sources
  • Research using library catalogues and databases
  • Find relevant sources for assignments
  • Understand university lectures and take notes
  • Follow academic and tutorial discussions actively
  • Participate in academic discussions and tutorials
  • Plan and deliver an oral presentation
  • Speak confidently with clear pronunciation
Vocabulary and Grammar
  • Extend range and usage of vocabulary
  • Use a range of sentence types to produce meaning
  • Use an academic style appropriate to university assignments
Academic Study Skills
  • Think critically
  • Understand and avoid plagiarism
  • Participate in collaborative group learning activities
  • Work effectively and independently outside the classroom
  • Become confident and competent in online learning
  • Participate in online discussions and forums
  • Use protocols for online communication (email and posts)

Introductory Academic Program Students