General English

The General English programs will help you develop your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills and to improve your vocabulary and grammar. Your skills and confidence to communicate will improve as you learn to use English in a variety of situations. The blended learning environment creates interactive and dynamic classes to make learning English interesting and fun. You will be provided with self-access materials for you to study out of class.


bulltet 3 Courses suitable for beginners to upper intermediate
bulltet 3 Highly qualified and experienced teachers
bulltet 3 Small class size (no more than 18 students)
bulltet 3 Blended learning environment

You will learn to:


  • Write a range of texts (letters, reviews, recounts)
  • Write coherently and effectively


  • Read a range of everyday texts, diagrams and tables
  • Demonstrate comprehension of short news articles
  • Read a narrative for main ideas and some detail
  • Read and follow directions and instructions


  • Listen and contribute to class, group and pair discussions
  • Listen to and participate in casual conversation
  • Listen for main ideas and relevant detail in a variety of spoken texts


  • Ask questions, make suggestions and offer opinions
  • Make detailed descriptions
  • Actively participate in conversations and discussions
  • Use clear pronunciation
  • Deliver a short oral presentation
Vocabulary and Grammar
  • Use a range of vocabulary on general topics
  • Use a range of sentence types accurately (a mix of simple and complex sentences) to produce meaning

We offer five levels of General English*:

ELC General English five steps new

ELC General English students.