ELC Difference

Macquarie University English Language Centre will help you achieve your goal!

Research shows that English communication skills and social skills are extremely important for international students to succeed in their careers. Our research shows that ELC graduates have achieved a 15%1 better GPA in their first Session studies at Macquarie University!

For this reason students who want to achieve more in their studies, and get more out of their time at University, should choose to study English at Macquarie University English Language Centre.

Career Specialisation

Studies2 also tell us that English language skill in a career specialisation is essential to achievement and employment. International students are characterised by high levels of motivation and persistence, but these qualities don't always help them achieve. Many students understand the rules of English but have difficulty applying them within their career specialisation.

What makes the difference in gaining employment, according to recent research3, is English instruction in a disciplinary context, opportunities to join clubs and societies, volunteering and leadership programs. Studies4 also show students that continue to learn English through structured programs while completing their university course continue to improve their language and communication skills.

Employers are seeking competency and technical knowledge in their field, but also social skills, maturity, and intercultural skills. These skills don't appear on a transcript and there aren't any lectures students can take, but there are things students can do to improve their skills.

Build your Confidence

Learning English is progressive. Expert instruction in English language that focuses on proficiency and accuracy improves confidence as students realise that they are communicating what they intend to. We believe it is because of our attention to proficiency, accuracy, and language in context that our graduates have achieved a 15% better GPA in their first Session studies at Macquarie University . This success gives them confidence to pursue other opportunities.

Students that are confident in using English participate in leadership programs organised by the University, undertake an internship or volunteering experience, or join social activities with students from other cultures. All of these types of experiences continue to enhance and develop their English skills.

Students whose first language is not English have all of these opportunities available to them at the ELC. We have discipline-specific courses, and students are able to take advantage of Macquarie University's Global Leadership Program, internships, volunteering, and clubs and societies.

We Support You

Our commitment to our students continues after they graduate the ELC. The Grade Performance Accelerator Program (free to ELC graduates) ensures students continue to develop English and University skills in a supported environment throughout their degree. The program consists of 3 workshops during key stages of each of the University Sessions by helping students plan their studies, write a University essay and prepare for University exams - resulting in improved study performance.

Join us at the ELC to improve your confidence in using English. Your achievement in graduating from an ELC course will enhance your future.

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