Academic English

We offer four levels of Academic English. These courses will equip you with the English language and academic skills necessary for successful academic study.


bulltet 3 Courses suitable for intermediate to advanced
bulltet 3 Highly qualified and experienced teachers
bulltet 3 Small class size (no more than 18 students)
bulltet 3 Blended learning environment
bulltet 3 Access to a 24-hour online learning portal


You will learn to:


  • Use a range of sentence types
  • Write organised paragraphs
  • Plan, draft, write and edit an essay


  • Read texts for main ideas and details
  • Understand new vocabulary in context
  • Have an awareness of the writer's purpose


  • Understand short and long oral texts including lectures
  • Understand a range of verbal signals and their functions
  • Take notes from oral texts
  • Participate in groups and in class discussions
  • Give opinions, disagree or agree effectively and politely
  • Give an oral presentation as part of a group
Vocabulary and Grammar
  • Use a range of vocabulary accurately
  • Use a range of grammatical structures to produce meaning
Academic Study Skills
  • Use research skills
  • Think critically
  • Become confident and competent in online learning
  • Participate in online discussions and forums
  • Participate in collaborative group learning and assessment activities
  • Work effectively and independently outside the classroom
  • Use protocols for online communication (email and posts)


* Entry to the Academic English program is based on an IELTS, TOEFL or Person score or on our centre's placement test. IELTS Overall and Writing scores are given as a guide. However, all five scores ( Overall, Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking) are considered when recommending weeks of English needed. This diagram shows the amount of time it takes most students to progress. ELC-Academic English Schedule ELC Academic English,Girl with book