e-Book Publishing

Macquarie LightHouse E-Book Publishing

Macquarie University is delighted to announce its launch of Macquarie LightHouse E-book Publishing

Our new publishing house is leading the way in academic e-book publishing through:

  • Macquarie University designing and developing e-books using universal design principles and providing educational development support and peer review services as required
  • Provide print on-demand services

Front cover of the e-book, 10,000 books, 10,000 Miles.

Macquarie LightHouse E-book Publishing can assist authors with distribution of their publications through international outlets, or in setting up private distribution models

We encourage you to download Macquarie University's first e-book, 10,000 books, 10,000 Miles by Professor Steven Schwartz

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E-books empower students

E-books are redefining traditional textbook approach to Higher Education. They allow us to supply material that:

  • use universal design principles to ensure all students irrespective of the learning and sensory needs have access to the content
  • automatically re purposes to fit the scale and format of any users  device, whether a smart phone, computer, tablet. or laptop.
  • delivers a rich learning experience, embedding audio and video within text to increase interactivity.
  • enables student and teachers to personalise their learning experience by changing the fonts and fonts sizes to suit their needs
  • creates freedom for students who now only need to carry one device instead of bundles of books.
  • makes best use of the accessibility function of many devices, especially the iPhone and iPad. Students can listen to content being read out to them, or enlarge the text and magnify the screen

Most importantly e-book content can be accessed by the widest possible audience. 

Media of choice service

The university can provide a print-on-demand service for people who require printed versions.

For further information please contact:

John Cason
+61 2 9850 7387