Shared Identity workshops

As  reported in This Week At Macquarie University on Tuesday 16 September, the Macquarie University community was  introduced to our new shared identity.

The Shared Identity Project brings the story of Macquarie to life as never before, with a new outlook for our brand that reflects our unique heritage: and the roadmaps for change that are being implemented in research, learning and teaching.

We've started this work in our jubilee year to ensure that Macquarie is well positioned to face the challenges, and seize the opportunities that arise in the next 50 years and beyond.

Our brand is our shared identity. It highlights what is unique and different about us as a learning institution and as a community of people. It is our ethos. It is how people experience us, whether they are students or international research collaborators, or our local community. It's even our experience working here as university staff. It's closely tied to our reputation. It's the values that inform the way we do things.

We invite you to participate in a series of workshops to learn more about our shared identity and ethos.

To register choose the training session relevant to you.

Brand workshops (completed October 2014)

5 brand workshops in total were run in October 2014. A filmed session will be made available shortly as an online resource.

Design workshops (completed October 2014)

2 design workshops in total were run in October 2014. A filmed session will be made available shortly as an online resource.

Writing workshops

The Shared Identity project has generated two big directions: what the university stands for, and what it will look like.

As the implementation of Macquarie University's new Shared Identity draws closer, we need to add another piece to the puzzle by asking ourselves how it should 'speak'. Answering that question is the role of the University's brand lexicon. It will give us new guidance on the right tone of voice as well as the editorial rules to bring it to life.

The brand lexicon is the equivalent to the written form as the Brand Identity Guidelines are to the visual form of the brand.

Who should attend? This is a specialist workshop designed for Macquarie University staff members and key suppliers who write content for hard copy collateral, websites, social media sites and advertisements, as well as those who consistently communicate with internal and external audiences.

Aim: To provide in-depth training into Macquarie University's brand lexicon particularly how we should communicate with the university's broad spectrum of audiences going forward. 

Friday 12 December - Building E7B - T2 Theatre

Writing Workshop 1: (12.00pm to 2.00pm)   Register Now

Writing Workshop 2: (2.30pm to 4.30pm)   Register Now

Please note: that there are limited  spaces available in each session, and sessions will be closed once they are full.


If you have any questions regarding this training please feel free to contact:

Brian Seeto
T: 9850 6305