Macquarie University logo for partners and other organisations

This page provides downloadable logos and information on their usage for organisations with an official relationship with Macquarie University.

Please ensure that any use of the Macquarie University logo follows the implementation guidelines provided on this page.

Permission must also be sought by sending draft material to for approval.

If you require a reversed logo for display on a dark colour please contact Please do not create your own reversed version of the logo.

Implementation guidelines

  • The logo must be displayed in full colour. CMYK and RGB are the preferred reproduction methods and should be used for all full colour printing (CMYK) and screen viewing (RGB).
  • The logo must be surrounded by 'clear space'. This is an area free of other elements. The clear space requirements below are the mandatory minimum and where possible, should be increased.

 Logos for partners

  • The logo must be displayed at the minimum size shown below.


Logo guidelines

Logo downloads

Please click though for more information on why logo artwork has been provided in .PDF and .PNG formats.