An overview of Macquarie's identity

Our creation story

Our creation storyRenewing our narrative is not about starting from scratch. In fact, it's quite the opposite. One of the fundamental elements of this project has been to capture the real spirit of Macquarie University, and that means spending time reflecting on our past.

Our history is a formidable source of inspiration. From our earliest days in the mid-1960s, we've pioneered on many fronts - from the openness of our admission procedures, to our broadened curricular choices, to the dynamic use of our library and the introduction of academic self-appraisal (among others).

These practices are now so widespread, it's easy to forget how innovative they were at the time. We must not forget, or consign this pioneering spirit to history. This remarkable sense of hopefulness, and confidence that life is full of possibilities, must be rekindled and brought back to the fore of how we think and behave.

Defining ourselves through our people

A university has numerous audiences: alumni, students, staff, partners and the broader community. Finding common ground among them can be difficult. By looking instead at the mindset that these audiences share, we can see the intrinsic character of our people and understand why they choose Macquarie University.


Macquarie University's people are those who are not afraid to choose the less-trodden path. They see life as an exhilarating source of possibilities to grow intellectually and professionally, unconstrained by traditions. They are ready to embrace new experiences and ideas.

They believe that being a leader is about being a team player. They know that success in today's world is all about collaborating with the right people, on the right issues.

These people are naturally curious and open to the most diverse intellectual perspectives. They want to grow into well-rounded citizens of the world, actively engaged in the complex issues that define the future of humanity.

The pillars of our identity

To engage more deeply with our audiences, we have identified four pillars that sustain our narrative. Behind each pillar there are several proof points that span the past, the present and our future plans.

The pillars of our identity

Our statement of purpose

Our narrative has been developed to foster a renewed sense of pride in who we are and where we've come from - and to engender an even more spirited commitment to where we're going. At the heart of our narrative is:

Nurtured to break free

Created to challenge the educational establishment, Macquarie University is the training ground of new generations of audacious world citizens and community leaders.
Immersed in a nurturing culture, they are encouraged and inspired to break free from conventions, to be the best they can be, and to actively shape the issues defining the future of humanity. We will express our narrative with an attitude that is generous, open, audacious, and engaged with the wider world.

Reclaiming our lighthouse symbol

As the University reflects with great pride on the achievements of its first 50 years, it is appropriate to redirect that pride well into the future. So, as part of the shared identity project, it has been decided to reintroduce the Macquarie Lighthouse as the symbol of the University.

Named after Lachlan Macquarie, the fifth Governor of New South Wales - a man noted for his humanitarianism and interest in education - the Macquarie Lighthouse has a long association with the University as part of the University Arms.

Macquarie Lighthouse

The lighthouse serves as a strong metaphor for the University's future ambitions. As expressed in the new design, it is a symbol of the support, encouragement and reassurance that the University provides to students, staff and alumni, so they can venture into unknown territories of intellectual enquiry with great confidence and conviction.