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Department of Linguistics

Academic Communication Units


Gain the skills to succeed at university and 'tick off' a People Unit

Academic Communication units are offered to students across all faculties.  Sign up today to gain the tools necessary to navigate the diverse demands of university study and earn a People unit.

ACBE100-Academic Communication for Business & Economics 

ACSC100-Academic Communication for the Sciences

ACSH100-Academic Communication for the Social Sciences & Humanities

Worried about making the transition to uni? Or maybe you're a current student and you're just not getting the marks you think you deserve?

You might be making the transition from high school to uni, or you might be returning to study after quite some time away from the books. Whatever your situation, you may feel daunted at the prospect of studying at university level.

With all the diverse demands from different units, all the varying expectations and the sometimes impenetrable language, studying at university can involve a steep learning curve.

The Academic Communication (AC) units at Macquarie University are designed to equip you with the reading and writing skills required to succeed in any university class.  Our primary focus is to help you unpack the tangled web of university demands, to build your confidence and prepare you for academic success.  Our classes are clear, inclusive and very supportive. We aim to make our learning spaces safe places where it's ok to 'not know' how to do something.

It can be overwhelming to come into university and adapt to all of the varying expectations of the different faculties.  In Academic Communication, you will learn how to frame your knowledge effectively so that your writing begins to impress your markers and you'll learn how to reference properly so that you can stop worrying about plagiarism.

But writing is only part of the story ... in Academic Communication you'll learn about communication, both face to face in physical classrooms, and online in virtual classrooms. You will also learn about research skills and reading strategies so you can better manage the mountain of reading requirements for your units.


ling-AC-units-students-say2-140x210What our students have to say...

"I've really appreciated doing this unit. I have felt I have a safe place to come and ask questions about how to write at university. I am never made to feel stupid for not knowing in this class. In fact, if it had not been for the support I received in ACSH100, I'm not sure I would've had the confidence to continue with my uni studies."                                            ~ACSH100 Student, 2014

"ACSC100 really helped me. I've been away from study for a few years and was really unsure of how to approach uni assignments and navigate all the technology. But the ACSC teaching team were so supportive. I'm so pleased I took this unit!"                                              ~ACSC100 Student, 2014

"I feel like I learned a lot from this unit that will help me with all of my other units going forward.                                             ~ACSH100 Student, 2013

"...I have thoroughly enjoyed the unit. I have been given the opportunity to develop my academic writing style and study a compelling social issue. I have found that I have become a much more informed, global citizen, in both the area of maternal, neonatal and child health and also through the other student group presentations earlier in the semester...I know that this unit is invaluable to my undergraduate study and will strive to always practice the skills I have learnt this semester."                        ~ACBE100 Student, 2014