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Department of Linguistics

Corpus linguistics workshop

12-14 October 2015, the Australian Hearing Hub, Macquarie University

corpus presenters

Presenters and organisers at the workshop: (left to right) Deanna Wong, Vaclav Brezina, Dana Gablasova, Tony McEnery, Paul Baker, Pam Peters and Adam Smith

Thanks to all our presenters and participants for a thoroughly engaging and informative event. We had 55 people register for the event, as well as a record turnout for the associated research seminar. The full program is available here. The slides for each lecture presentation can be seen by clicking on the relevant links below:

Lecture 1:  Corpus linguistics beyond the basics
Lecture 2: Collocations, collocation networks and GraphColl: concept demonstration
Lecture 3: Using corpora to analyse discourse

Research seminar: Professor McEnery:  When to use a corpus and when not to

Lecture 4: Statistics for corpus linguistics: introduction

Lecture 5: Corpus linguistics and second language acquisition


Professor Tony McEnery, Professor Paul Baker, Dr Vaclav Brezina and Dr Dana Gablasova, from Lancaster University, UK


Macquarie University Linguistics Learning and Teaching Committee, Centre for Language Sciences (CLaS), UK ESRC's Centre for Corpus Approaches to Social Sciences (CASS) based at the Department of Linguistics and English Language, Lancaster University


Pam Peters, Deanna Wong, Adam Smith, Rosemary Eliott

Further corpus resources

  • Alveo (A Virtual Laboratory for Human Communication Science)
  • AusNC (Australian National Corpus)
  • CASS (Centre for Corpus Approaches to Social Sciences)