Vice-Chancellor’s Distinguished Visiting Fellow 2015: Professor Irad Malkin

Photo of Professor Irad Malkin

Professor S Bruce Dowton is pleased to appoint Professor Irad Malkin as the Vice-Chancellor’s Distinguished Visiting Fellow for 2015. Professor Malkin is one of the world’s leading Ancient Historians, and the Israel Prize Laureate for History 2014. He is the Cummings Chair for Mediterranean History and Culture, Tel Aviv University, and Co-Editor Mediterranean Historical Review.

Professor Malkin’s work concerns the history of migration and settlement in the ancient world. He has made ground-breaking contributions to historical methodology especially his theory of ‘networks’, and conceptualisation of ethnicity and identity. His work has revolutionised understanding of how ancient societies interacted, and how decentralised communities connected and maintained their distinctive cultural and social networks.

Professor Malkin began his academic career at Tel Aviv university, graduating with an undergraduate degree from the Department of History. He studied Ancient History at the University of Pennsylvania, earning his Masters degree and later, with a thesis entitled “religion and the founders of Greek colonies”, his PhD.

A leading academic and a polyglot (he speaks and understands eight languages), Professor Malkin has worked with colleagues at Macquarie University’s Department for Ancient History to develop the Ancient Israel program and facilitate international student exchanges to and from Tel Aviv University.

Professor Malkin will spend four weeks with the University as part of the visiting fellowship, working alongside staff and students at Macquarie University to further advance the Ancient Israel program.

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