Protocol and preferences

The Vice-Chancellor attends numerous events throughout the year and his office is often asked to provide information that will help event planners to provide a more enjoyable experience. The following information gives a few pointers to the Vice-Chancellor’s personal preferences regarding entertainment and protocol that you may find useful when planning your event. You can also download a PDF of this page.

Personal information

Full title

Professor S Bruce Dowton MB BS MD FACMG FRACP

Job title

Vice-Chancellor (used when attending events in Australia)

Vice-Chancellor and President (used when attending events overseas)

Guest list and invitation preferences

Guest list

Does not generally require specific approval of the guest list, but prefers a copy of the list emailed to for information before invitations are sent.


The Office of the Vice-Chancellor must approve all invitations bearing the Vice-Chancellor’s name or title.


Prefers to send personal letters of invitation to members of the University Council, government ministers and officials, diplomats, fellow Vice-Chancellors, significant donors and friends of Macquarie, and personal friends or acquaintances.

Gift preferences

Gifts to give

A record of gifts previously presented to individuals or organisations should be kept and information provided to Office of the Vice-Chancellor when gifts are being considered.

Gifts received

Prefers gifts to be retained by the host or organising department or faculty.

A list of all gifts given and received, including presenter, recipient, date and approximate cost should be emailed to

Briefing notes

Briefing notes, including run sheets and programs, should be provided a minimum of one week before the event to

Guest bios

Likes a short ‘thumbnail bio’ on each guest including name, connections to the event and Macquarie University, photo (where available) and any other pertinent information.

Audio visual

Appropriate AV should be provided for venue size and expected attendance. Unless otherwise informed, the Vice-Chancellor has no particular personal AV requirements or preference and will use AV provided.


Prefers advance notice of invited media organisations and/or intended media attendees.

Event follow-up

Thank-you letters

Prefers to sign short thank-you notes within one week of the event’s completion for appropriate guests with whom he has met. Where requested, address details to be provided by email to