Events: Inviting and confirming the Vice-Chancellor

Our University has a vibrant and active community, and every day staff, students and visitors are involved in events across campus and far beyond. The Vice-Chancellor is keen to attend and support events wherever possible and although his diary is extremely busy, he happily accepts invitations where his schedule permits.

To invite the Vice-Chancellor to attend or speak at your event, you should email a brief summary of the event to in the first instance. Please provide:

  • sufficient notice. Six to eight weeks is preferred.
  • a concise summary of the event and its purpose.
  • a clear outline of his role in the event (if any).
  • an alignment to the University’s strategic objectives.
  • clear outcomes for the University and its community.

He is very keen to use the office of the Vice-Chancellor to maximum effect, and is most likely to accept invitations where his attendance will add maximum value, for example:

  • building relations with external partners.
  • receiving diplomatic or government representatives.
  • recognising and rewarding student achievement.

He is also happy to host events on your behalf where there is a benefit to the University to do so.

Diary confirmation and event briefs

When the Vice-Chancellor accepts an invitation the date and time is provisionally held in his diary. Event organisers are requested to return a completed event brief within one week by way of confirmation. Availability cannot be guaranteed if the brief is returned after this time.

The Office of the Vice-Chancellor and the University Events team review event briefs and upcoming commitments fortnightly to assign appropriate support as required. Event organisers will be contacted shortly after the meeting following their submission with more details.