• 11th Nov 2013

    NATSIHEC Conference 2013

    The annual National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Higher Education Conference (NATSIHEC) convened at Macquarie University last week, and Professor Dowton addressed delegates and answered questions during the traditional Vice-Chancellor’s welcome to campus.

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  • 3rd Oct 2013
    Maggie Beer with the Vice-Chancellor

    Vice-Chancellor pops up in PS with Maggie Beer

    The Vice-Chancellor featured in the most unlikely of media this weekend, appearing in the Sydney Morning Herald’s ‘PS’ column alongside honorary doctorate recipient Maggie Beer.

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  • 29th Aug 2013

    Strategic Vision Launch

    On 28 August 2013, Professor Dowton launched the Our University: A Framing of Futures strategic framework, outlining the long-term vision for Macquarie University. More than 350 members of the Macquarie community were on hand to celebrate the launch, and hear the Vice-Chancellor in conversation with Richard Morecroft....

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