Our University: A Framing of Futures update

An image of Richard Morecroft in conversation with the Vice-Chancellor
Richard Morecroft in conversation with the Vice-Chancellor

To mark the start of his second term as Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor S Bruce Dowton kicked off a series of events this week to refresh and update the University strategy, Our University: A Framing of Futures.

On Tuesday night, the Vice-Chancellor hosted a small event for University leaders and corporate partners in the newly refurbished MAZE space on Wally’s Walk, where he revisited his previous conversation with Richard Morecroft about his personal experiences before and after joining the University in 2012.

On Wednesday afternoon, 500 staff attended a town hall gathering in the Graduations Hall to explore the developments on our campus since the formulation of the strategic framework, and the vision Professor Dowton sees for the next seven years.

“This is a moment for us to stop and celebrate,” he said during his presentation. “We have achieved so much over the last five years; some things that are remarkable for Australia and some things that are unique in Australia.”

In looking to the future, he outlined key areas of focus for the University and its resource allocation priorities: “If we are truly to step out and be distinctive in Australian higher education, we must provide a student experience to match that,” he said. “And for the weight we punch at for research renown, we should have two or three times the support we have now. We must become hungry for it, and go after it.”

The Vice-Chancellor’s second term was approved by the University Council in December 2016, and runs from late 2017 until 2024. He will visit each faculty before the end of the year to provide a deeper insight into this vision and how it relates to the staff and students across the University.