Strategic Research Framework: 2015-2024

This Framework, designed to guide Macquarie University’s research trajectory over the decade 2015 – 2024, is the result of deep consultation, intensive work and strategic thinking by key stakeholders across the University

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50 Years: World-leading research; World-changing impact

Impact Book 200px-hThe 50 research stories chosen for this volume cover many fields of endeavour, and their impacts range from small and local to global and revolutionary. Some set out to solve a specific challenge of practical import to the world while others investigate something simply to answer a question. All were driven by curiosity, to expand knowledge and with a desire to make a difference.

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Organisational Chart

Impact Book 200px-hDownload a version of the DVC (Research) organisational chart.

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Short Biography

Professor Sakkie Pretorius is internationally recognised as a pioneer in molecular microbiology, biotechnology and translating research outcomes into innovative industry applications. He joined Macquarie University in 2013 and in 2014 his passion for academic excellence and research drove the creation of the University’s strategic research framework, World-leading research; World-changing impact. The framework will shape Macquarie’s research priorities over the next decade and build upon the Our University: A Framing of Futures project.

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2015 Year-in-Review

Download the 2015 Year-in-Review.

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