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Uni in a Day

What is Uni in a Day?

Uni in a Day is your chance to taste some of what university life has in store for you.

On Friday 27 September we opened our doors to Year 10, 11 and 12 students for the day. Students were able to:

  • experience a day in the life of a uni student
  • ask some questions about what University is all about.

As part of this experience, were able to choose their own subjects, plan their timetable and see what happens in a normal day on campus.

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Here's what happened at Uni in a Day in 2013


Videos from Lights, Camera, Action! Session

The brief:

The senior news editor desperately needs to fill a 90 second spot on this evening's news bulletin. You've been sent out on assignment to Macquarie University as its been rumoured a major discovery has been made. Your job is to "manufacture" a story based on "unconfirmed rumours" of this historical discovery.

Any questions?

Please contact the team at:

group of students at uniinaday

student building a robot at uniinaday

small group of students at uniinaday

group of drama students at uniinaday

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