Ancient Cultures Research Centre

Macquarie University Ancient Cultures Research Centre

Incorporating the Ancient History Documentary Research Centre and the Australian Centre for Egyptology 

The Ancient Cultures Research Centre (MQACRC) undertakes collaborative research on cross-cultural interaction in ancient cultures from Western Europe to China. It concentrates not only on the history of the societies concerned, but on the languages they used, and has a special focus on the close study of physical artefacts from antiquity. 

Amalgamating the members, research, and resources of the Australian Centre for Egyptology and the Ancient History Documentary Research Centre, and in collaboration with the Australian Centre for Ancient Numismatic Studies, the ACRC is currently undertaking research programs on a wide range of areas.

Research Projects

acrc_home_researchResearch within the ACRC

Over twenty research projects are being carried out in the ACRC across a wide range of themes: explore them here.


Forthcoming Events

Visiting Fellow Public Lecture
The Power of Heka. On the Symbiosis of Magic, Medicine, Jurisdiction and Literature in Ancient Egypt

16 October, 2014: A free public lecture presented by the MQ Ancient Cultures Research Centre Visiting Fellow for 2014, Professor Hans-Werner Fischer-Elfert of University of Leipzig's Egyptological Institute. The lecture will be held at 7:00pm in the Museum of Ancient Cultures' Seminar Room (X5B 321). More information may be found in this poster.

Magic in the Ancient World

Workshop: Magic in the Ancient World: Textuality and Contextuality

17 October, 2014: A one-day workshop addressing the textuality and contextuality of magical texts in the ancient world with a focus on surviving papyri from Egypt. Details on the workshop, including a program, may be found here.

Chinese Philosophy and Ancient Chinese Texts Conference

Conference: Reading the Old in Light of the Newly Discovered: Chinese Philosophy and Ancient Chinese Texts

8-10 December, 2014: Macquarie University will host an international conference on ancient Chinese thought and the newly recovered ancient bamboo and silk texts in December 2014.



Unwrapping Mummies
An interview with Dr. Yann Tristant on his exciting collaborative research project exploring mummies, as seen on ABC's Catalyst.

ACRC member K. Sheedy
Sheedy Awarded Oxford Double Fellowship
Associate Professsor Kenneth Sheedy has been appointed to a prestigious 'double' fellowship in Oxford from July this year.

Embalming Study Illuminates Theories on Egyptian Mummification
A cross-institutional collaborative project including Dr. Jana Jones has revealed scientific evidence for the earlier practice of Egyptian mummification.


Areas of Research