Ancient Cultures Research Centre

Macquarie University Ancient Cultures Research Centre

Incorporating the Ancient History Documentary Research Centre and the Australian Centre for Egyptology 

The Ancient Cultures Research Centre (MQACRC) undertakes collaborative research on cross-cultural interaction in ancient cultures from Western Europe to China. It concentrates not only on the history of the societies concerned, but on the languages they used, and has a special focus on the close study of physical artefacts from antiquity. 

Amalgamating the members, research, and resources of the Australian Centre for Egyptology and the Ancient History Documentary Research Centre, and in collaboration with the Australian Centre for Ancient Numismatic Studies, the ACRC is currently undertaking research programs on a wide range of areas.

Research Projects

acrc_home_researchResearch within the ACRC

Over twenty research projects are being carried out in the ACRC across a wide range of themes: explore them here.


Forthcoming Events

Australasian Egyptology Conference 2013 FriezeConference: Third Australasian Egyptology Conference

16-19 July, 2014: Following the very successful conferences in Melbourne (2009) and Auckland (2011), Macquarie University will host the Third Australasian Egyptology Conference. The conference is open to postgraduate research students and scholars who are welcome to present their current research in Egyptology and Coptic Studies. Abstracts should be submitted by 1 March, 2014.

Image of a 15th century scribeConference: Observing the Scribe at Work: Knowledge Transfer and Scribal Professionalism  in Pre-Typographic Societies

27-28 September: This conference will bring together specialists in pre-modern societies of the Mediterranean world and adjoining cultures, from the ancient Near East, through the Egyptian and Classical worlds to Byzantium and Renaissance Europe. The papers will contribute to a deeper understanding of the processes that drive the operation of pre-printing cultures, and transmit knowledge and traditions forward in human societies.


A singer and his priestess wife in the Chapel of Kahay
Pyramid-Age Love Revealed
Exploring the findings of PhD researcher M. Lashien and the ACRC's vivid re-recording of the Chapel of Kahay at Saqqara, Egypt

Wine and Monks in Christian Egypt
J. Cromwell's recent research at the British Museum, offering new insights into the lives of the Coptic monks of Wadi Sarga, Egypt

Newly discovered funerary boat at Abu Rawash
Oldest Egyptian Boat
Y. Tristant's exciting new findings at the First Dynasty cemetery of Abu Rawash, Egypt


Areas of Research