Marketing Unit

The Marketing and Communications Unit works to promote the University via multiple media channels with the aim of differentiating our brand and attracting the best and brightest students.

The Unit works with all faculties and departments to provide a consistent and coherent brand experience for our students, prospective students, alumni and supporters.

Our responsibilities include:

  1. managing the University's brand and reputation
  2. promoting the University's research achievements
  3. fostering communication for staff and students
  4. publishing guides for domestic undergraduate students, corporate brochures showcasing the University, the University Handbook and Annual Report
  5. managing media, including news releases and media liaison
  6. developing campaigns and placing advertisements for courses and events
  7. recruiting domestic undergraduate students, and supporting postgraduate recruitment via campaigns and events
  8. developing and improving the University's web presence
  9. enhancing social media and developing online marketing strategies and campaigns.