Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Photo of Macquarie University Hospital


Professor S Bruce DowtonWelcome to the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at Macquarie University, the fifth faculty of the University, created by resolution of the University Council in July 2014. 

Macquarie University is continuing on its path to be the leader of integrated clinical care, and medical and health research and education. Following the establishment of the Australian School of Advanced Medicine and the Macquarie University Hospital in recent years, the creation of a new Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences is the next step in Macquarie University's commitment to lead in the tripartite and integrated missions of clinical care, education and research.

The pace of biomedical discovery through research is increasing and translational research is accelerating. Societies around the world are increasingly expecting better healthcare delivery at a time when we enjoy higher life expectancy than ever before, with the attendant increases in age-related health conditions. Medical and healthcare workforces have also become much more mobile as transnational migration of doctors, nurses and other health professionals increases.

The new Faculty builds on our aspiration to have the nation's first fully integrated Academic Health Sciences Centre under a university's leadership. Such integrated approaches to patient care, discovery and work force preparation are already well established within the United States, Europe and Asia. It will bring together the excellent work of medical and allied health researchers across the University and around the country, with unparalleled access to the world-leading clinical resources and research facilities found only on our campus.

I welcome you to Australia's first fully integrated Academic Health Sciences Centre in our jubilee year. This is an exciting time to be a part of Macquarie University and I look forward to our continued journey in the pursuit of ever-increasing excellence in academic medicine and health care.

There is much work to be done. I hope you will join us on this remarkable journey.

S Bruce Dowton MD
Vice-Chancellor and President